15 Basic Steps to Getting the Best Buy

  1. Relate Money to the Time Required to Earn It
  2. Compare Cost with Other Things that Could Be Bought
  3. Figure Savings by Percentages, Not Cents
  4. Put All Earnings Directly into the Bank
  5. Carry as Little Cash as Necessary
  6. Know What You Want before Shopping
  7. Focus on the Buy, Not the Bank Balance
  8. Look at the Price before You Look at the Product
  9. Make Sure You Really Know the Full Price
  10. Determine the Unit Price of Quantity Buying
  11. Total Your Purchases before Checking Out
  12. Check Products in a Consumer Guide
  13. Write Out Questions and Answers
  14. Get Counsel from Owners and Repairmen
  15. Check with Your Wife before Buying

Men’s Manual Volume 2