Character Definitions of Initiative

  • Taking steps to seek after God with our whole heart. Making the best use of opportunities to witness. Assuming responsibility for the physical and spiritual encouragement of those around us. (Character Clues Game)
  • Recognising and doing what needs to be done before I’m asked (Character First!)
  • The action of initiating something or of taking the first step or the lead; an act setting a process or chain of events in motion; an independent or enterprising act (The New Shorter Oxford English Dictionary)
  • init’iative adjective serving to initiate; introductory. noun the lead, first step, often considered as determining the conditions for oneself or others; the right or power of beginning; energy and resourcefulness enabling one to act without prompting from others; the right to originate legislation, or a constitutional method of doing so.  (The CHAMBERS DICTIONARY on CD-ROM)