Dig Another Well

One of the most powerful stories in the Bible of “meekness” is found in Genesis chapter 26. Isaac had settled in the land of Gerar and needed water to survive, so he had his servants dig a well.

Verse 17 says, “And the herdmen of Gerar strove with Isaac’s herdmen, saying, The water is ours…” Isaac didn’t react, he just quietly moved along. Verse 21 says, “And they dug another well, and strove for that also” Now what is Isaac going to do? Verse 22 says, “And he removed away, and dug another well; and for that they strove not.”

Who was the strongest here? It looks like those herdmen were, but they weren’t. Isaac was! Because Isaac had the maturity to give-in and yield his rights. Anyone can get into a fight. Squabbles and fights among toddlers and their siblings are something most mothers deal with on a daily basis. But it takes a person of strength – a person of character – not to be drawn into a fight. It takes a mature person who understands the high value of relationships to give in, rather than to demand their rights.

The person that gives-in may be thought of as weaker, but in reality they are the stronger. When two Christians disagree, the person who gives in is usually the more spiritually mature of the two.

And if you can teach your children from an early age the value of yielding their rights rather than fighting for them, you will be strengthening their future marriage and relationships. Look for ways to avoid conflicts. Don’t allow yourself to be drawn into one.