Family Activities to Practice Thoroughness

1. With your child, make a written plan for the day. Include information about where, when, and how. At the end of your day see how well you were able to follow the plan. Discuss how you might have done better. Point out the things that went smoothly because of your planning.

2. When giving your child a task to complete, discuss the importance of thoroughness. Talk about the importance of doing a job well. Talk about how they feel when the task is completed accurately and completely.

3. To help your child develop a skill for paying attention to detail play the following game. Use picture flash cards, pictures taken from a magazine, or other resources. Let your child look at the picture for about five seconds. Turn the picture over, so they can no longer look at the picture. Ask them to describe the picture to you, giving as much detail as they can. Check to see how much they did remember.