Having a Clear Conscience – The Other Side of Forgiveness

Having a conscience free from guilt means clearing all offenses against others and, where possible, seeking forgiveness and making restitution. God is involved in this process, as shown below.

1. If someone you know was making a list of people who had hurt them and never asked their forgiveness, would you be on that list? Pray, asking God to reveal anyone who might feel you hurt them.

2. Make a list of all the people God brings to your mind whom you have offended and have not sought forgiveness from.

3. If possible, go over your list with a mature Christian and identity the basic offense against each person on that list. If you need to ask God’s forgiveness for these offenses, do so now. It’s always the right time to get right with God.

4. Rule out those people in whose lives your reappearance now would cause serious difficulty; for example, an old girlfriend who is now married.

5. Contact those individuals by telephone if possible, and be brief. Tell the particular person that as you have been looking back over your life, you realize that you failed him in _________ way, naming the offense. Then ask for forgiveness.

6. Make restitution where needed.

7. If certain people have benefited you but you’ve never shown appreciation, express to them gratitude for what you have gained. If you have a problem with being grateful, start sending thank-you notes to people who have benefited you, sharing how God has used them to build, strengthen, or challenge you.

8. Ask God to take back all ground given to Satan because you have purposed in your heart to contact these people and make things right.

-Reclaiming Surrendered Ground by Jim Logan