How to Demonstrate Discernment

at Home

  • Perceiving that selfeshness leads to a breakdown in relationships.
  • Realising that rebellion in children may come from an unmet need for parental approval and acceptance.
  • Knowing when it is wise to pay a large sum for an item.
  • Understanding that addictions, wrong friends, suicide, and violence can be caused by unresolved bitterness, guilt, and lack of purpose in life.

at Work/School

  • Asking questions so that you thoroughly understand what is being required of you.
  • Identifying and avoiding business practices that compromise God’s Word.

at Church

  • Helping others to trace their conflicts and problems to violations of Biblical principles.
  • Refusing to share the failures of another with those who are not part of the solution.
  • Recognising that we are more alert to others who have the same failings as ourselves.