How to Demonstrate Forgiveness

to God

  • Confess to God your bitterness toward others and declare to Him that you do now choose to forgive them for each specific offence.
  • Ask God to take back all “ground” that you have given to Satan through the sin of unforgiveness.

to Parents

  • Ever since the Garden of Eden, God has had to work through imperfect parents. Be quick to forgive them for their failures.
  • Speak well of your parents and be sure to honour them regardless of how they may have hurt you in the past.
  • Be willing to submit to their authority in all things unless they ask you to violate Scripture.

to your Employers/Teachers

  • Go the “second mile” for an awkward employer.

to your Church Leaders

  • Purpose not to speak critically of your church leadership even within your own home.
  • Look for ways to serve and praise those who have wronged you.
  • Pray daily for your “enemies.”