How to Demonstrate Hospitality

at Home

  • Being friendly with others by talking to neighbours, meeting new people, and greeting strangers with a smile.
  • Preparing for guests by organising and cleaning the home and preparing meals.
  • Daily practicing both good etiquette and conversational skills to use with guests.
  • Diligently keeping the house free of clutter to make the home available and ready for unexpected guests.
  • Invite those into your home who may not be able to return the kindness.
  • Mow the lawn or run errands for an elderly neighbour.

at Work/School

  • Be the first to greet visitors or newcomers.
  • Get to know those at work/school so that you are better able to serve them.

at Church

  • Invite neighbours to special church banquets.
  • Provide meals and services to the elderly and shut-ins of the church and in the community.
  • Welcome visitors to your church and invite them to your home for a meal.