How to Demonstrate Patience

to God

  • Thanking God for each trial knowing that He is working through it to build in me the character of Jesus Christ
  • Serving others as unto the Lord even though there is no apparent gratitude or recognition for my service
  • Obeying God by faith even though my natural inclinations tell me otherwise
  • Allowing God the freedom to work rather than attempting to change people and situations in my own strength
  • Using my teenage years to accomplish as much as possible for God’s kingdom rather than focusing on boyfriend/girlfriend relationships

to Parents

  • Listening attentively to my parents instructions and putting their wishes ahead of my own schedule
  • Viewing my brothers and sisters as those whom the Lord has brought into my life to teach me character
  • Trusting that God will work through my parents to guide me in His choice for marriage

to your Civil Authorities

  • Being respectful to those whom God has placed in authority over me even though their goals and priorities may be different than my own

to your Employers

  • Showing gratefulness for my present salary rather than focusing on possible future benefits
  • Being willing to learn and serve rather than aspiring to leadership

to your Church Leaders

  • Avoiding criticising others in the church realising that God is patient with me and my own shortcomings