How to Demonstrate Punctuality

at Home

  • Giving priority to appointments made with family members.
  • Assisting other family members so they can be where they need to be, on time.
  • Being in the car in good time so as not to make the whole family late.
  • Going to bed on time in order to get up on time the next day.
  • Promptly responding to letters and phone calls.
  • Being quick to praise other family members.
  • Paying bills promptly.

at Work/School

  • Working ahead so as to complete homework assignments and projects on time.
  • Being at your desk before class begins.
  • Being on time for appointments.
  • Planning each day’s activities ahead of time.

at Church

  • Arriving early before each service begins.
  • Not holding grudges with other church members – being quick to forgive.
  • Giving your tithe promptly each week.