How to Demonstrate Responsibility

at Home

  • Teach children responsibility by assigning chores relative to their age and ability.
  • Take care of your own belongings and pick up after yourself.
  • Answer children’s questions from the Word of God. Don’t just give them your pat-answers to their questions. Show them what the Bible has to say about the type of friends they should choose, how they should use their money etc. Demonstrate that God’s Word is our final Authority for life and that we are responsible to obey it’s instruction.
  • Recognise that older brothers and sisters are responsible to be a Godly example to their siblings.
  • If you break or damage an item belonging to someone else, don’t just ask forgiveness but be prepared to replace it with an item of similar value.
  • If you have failed to keep promises to other members of the family, ask their forgiveness and make things right.

at Work/School

  • Be respectful to teachers and other authorities.
  • Complete assignments and projects on time.
  • Don’t use “Company Time” for private business.

at Church

  • Discover and exercise your spiritual gift.
  • Pray for your church leadership.
  • Pick up your own personal belongings and put hymn books and other items back where they belong.