How to Demonstrate Sincerity

at Home

  • Establish a regular time when you can enter into your “prayer closet” and pray to your Heavenly Father in secret.
  • Develop the spiritual discipline of fasting in secret – begin perhaps with just one meal per week and using that time instead to read and memorise God’s Word.
  • Never hide any thing from your parents.
  • Ask God to search your heart and confess any sin, double-standards, or hypocrisy He might reveal.

at Work/School

  • Do not view your employer as someone you can use “for a time” to advance your success. Instead be willing to serve in any way you can to make him successful.
  • Honour your parent’s wishes even when you are apart.

at Church

  • Practice giving anonymously to meet the needs of those that the Lord directs you to give to.
  • Carefully read the words of hymns you are singing – checking to see if they might reveal areas of your life which you have not yet surrendered to the Lord. Rather than singing words which aren’t true, use this time as a motivation to deal with secret sins.