Meaning of “Sincerity”

Sincerity is purely motivated eagerness to do what is right. The word sincerity comes from two Latin words, sine (without) and cere (wax). The Romans tried to copy the craftsmanship of Greek pottery and often used inferior material, filling small cracks or pock marks with wax and painting over them. The unsuspecting buyer discovered the wax when he put the vessel under fire. Quality pottery thus carried the label “sin cere.”

  • Discuss how we cover deception, wrong motives, and other character flaws.
  • Discuss how hypocrisy covers up what is really in the heart.
  • Discuss the difference between flattery and praise.
  • Learn how sincerity needs to be based on God’s Word. What about people who are sincere in trying to work for their salvation? Was Saul sincere in his eagerness to persecute Christians?
  • Relate non-transparency and transparency to seeing God clearly.
  • Describe how the origin of sincerity illustrates the importance of purity.
  • Draw analogies between being transparent and the response of the two sons in the parable of Matthew 21:28-32.
  • Study how God gave Nehemiah the ability to discern impure motives.

Parent Guide Planner 8, ATI, Oak Brook, IL