Shrink My Income?

A man knelt with his pastor and committed himself to God to give a certain percent of his income as long as he lived. From his first week’s pay he gave $1 to the Lord. Soon his weekly offering had increased to $10. As time went on, he continued to prosper. Before long he was giving $100 a week, then $200, and in time, $500 a week. Finally he called the pastor. “Please come and see me,” he said. “It’s urgent!” When the minister arrived, the host said, “You remember that promise I made to God years ago? How can I get released? When I made the promise, all I had to give was a dollar, but now it’s $500. I can’t afford to give away money like that.” The wise old pastor looked at his friend and said, “I’m afraid you cannot get a release from the promise, but there is something we can do. We can kneel down and ask God to shrink your income so that you can afford to give a dollar again.”

– Our Daily Bread