The “I Wills” of Enthusiasm

  • I will be an energy-giver

Everyone loves and respects an energy-giver. These are the people who never need to be reminded of their work. They volunteer to do task others would resist. Energy givers maintain a good attitude while they work. A giver of energy gives energy. Energy-takers and energy-wasters, on the other hand, are the ones who float through life without contributing much to anyone’s goals but their own. Ask daily, “Am I giving or taking energy?”

  • I will smile

The most attractive thing you can wear is a smile! A smile is contagious. A smile comes natural when you see another person smiling. Smiling improves health. Experiments were made with actors. They were told to use expressions unrelated to the way they were feeling. During these test, their heart rates rose and fell according to their expressions. A smile does more than improve health and make your face attractive. A smile brings beauty from the inside out.

  • I will treat every job as important

If you enjoy a job, enthusiasm comes naturally. It is difficult to be enthusiastic if you do not feel enthusiastic. Practicing enthusiasm will give new perspective to menial tasks. Everything we do has an end result. Keeping the end result in view will build enthusiasm for those difficult tasks.

  • I will put my whole heart into what I do

Successful lives require effort. Success requires going the “second mile.” Extra investment pays off in the long run. Giving half our best yields half the results. The Lord is our example. He went the extra mile for us.

  • I will not be discouraged by failure

It’s easy to become discouraged when met with discouragement. Enthusiasm is seeing beyond the failure to the lessons and benefits of the failure.

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