Two Sides to Forgiveness

There are two sides of forgiveness which are vital for everyone to understand. Not only should forgiveness be shown to an offender, but a person must ask for forgiveness for the wrong he or she has done to someone else. It takes humility to admit a wrong action, statement, or thought, but the trust that is established is well worth the effort. Healthy relationships are built on a willingness to both forgive and to ask for forgiveness when offenses occur.

Those who have a prideful attitude, supposing they do not need forgiveness, tend to be more critical and judge others more harshly. In order to maintain a “high” self-esteem, they tend to find faults that put others down.

On the other hand, people who realize they are wrong and ask for forgiveness develop a rich understanding of being forgiven. It is out of the experience of needing forgiveness that a person learns how to truly forgive those who hurt him or her.

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