Beware of the “New” Tolerance

Twelve to 24 months from now pastors,  leaders, and parents in churches across our country are likely to wake up and say, “What happened to our young people?” The answer will be summed up in one word … tolerance.

In almost every Christian home, you will find two definitions of tolerance — one held by the parents, the other by the kids. Both think they are saying the same thing — but they aren’t. And parents are realizing it too late.

The traditional definition of tolerance is: “to recognize and respect (others’ beliefs, practices, etc.) without necessarily agreeing or sympathizing” (Webster’s New Twentieth Century Dictionary). This is what you and I were taught.

But today’s definition — the one our kids are being taught — is vastly different. It says “every individual’s beliefs, values, lifestyles, and truth claims are equal.” In other words, all beliefs are equal. All values are equal. All lifestyles are equal. All truth is equal.

So what’s the problem? What happens when your child is taught that his beliefs and values are no different from a Muslim –or a homosexual — or someone involved in pre-marital sex? This is today’s tolerance. And it’s the number one virtue in America, especially among our youth.

Our kids are being taught that all truth is relative to the individual.  Knowing Right from Wrong doesn’t matter. To say something is right or wrong is  not being tolerant.

Josh McDowell –