Divorce Worse Than Concentration Camp

I was listening to a radio broadcast by Russian-born Helen Richards in 1993.

She told how she was placed in a Nazi concentration camp during World War II. She described the terrible horrors of that place. Can you picture in your mind right now what that camp was like? Can you imagine a worse experience in human life than to have been through a Nazi concentration camp? Try to imagine the deprivation, the torture, the abuse, and the lack of care for all basic human needs.

After she was released, she met an American serviceman, married and came to America. They were married for 24 years. Her husband was unfaithful and then abandoned her; and then he asked her for a divorce. (I was listening to it on the car radio, and as soon as I could, I pulled over and wrote down a paraphrase of what I heard her say.) She said, “The hardest thing I’ve ever been through in my life was that divorce. I’ve been through a Nazi concentration camp and a divorce, and I have to say, honestly, the divorce was the more terrible of the two experiences.”

From a sermon by Dr. S.M. Davis