How to Demonstrate Availability

at Home

  • Doing our chores without having to be reminded.
  • Making sure that others are served first.
  • Coming immediatley when called for.
  • Putting aside personal hobbies when they conflict with family time.
  • Stopping in the middle of a project to hear what another family member has to say.
  • Changing plans with friends in order to help the family prepare for guests.

at Work/School

  • Being willing to do more than what is expected of you..
  • Working to make your boss/employer successful..

at Church

  • Being prepared to serve in any way you can.
  • Faithful giving of your tithe each week.

The “I Wills” of Availability

  • “I WILL put others ahead of myself.”
  • “I WILL find a way to help, not a way to hide.”
  • “I WILL be ready when I’m called.”
  • “I WILL be glad for the chance to serve.”
  • “I WILL check with the right person before I make commitments.”

Character First! Education Series 4