How to Demonstrate Cautiousness

at Home

  • Deciding if the family has enough money for major expenditures – before making them.
  • Forseeing negative influences in a semmingly good opportunity and avoiding them.
  • Seeking counsel from one another before finalizing decisions.
  • Judging an activity by whether or not it would encourage good character.
  • Asking the owner’s permission before taking or moving his or her belongings.

at Work/School

  • Being careful to choose the right kind of friends.
  • Recognising that every extra-marital affair begins by giving inappropriate attention to members of the opposite sex.
  • Avoiding compromise by purposing to be true to God’s standards.
  • Listening to the cautions of your wife regarding business decisions.

at Church

  • Avoiding listening to gossip or “bad reports” about church leaders or other members.
  • Making sure there is always another person present when counseling members of the opposite sex..
  • Guarding against compromise by maintaining the highest standards in relation to music, dress, etc.