How to Demonstrate Creativity

at Home

  • Discovering ways to make household chores fun, such as playing music while working or going out for a treat after the work is done.
  • Starting traditions, creating new games, and finding new places to go on birthdays, vacations, and holidays.
  • Learning to make your own unique thank-you cards.
  • Turning homework into learning games and putting memory work to music.

at Work/School

  • Looking for alternative ways to find solutions to problems.
  • Making wise use of free time.
  • Looking for new ways to influence those around you for Christ.
  • Seeking alternative ways to help you get the job done more efficiently.
  • Asking yourself the question, “How can God best use me to reach others for Christ?”

at Church

  • Looking for new ways to serve others.
  • Searching for practical application from each sermon and Bible lesson.
  • Using different teaching methods in Sunday School – lecture, small group, drama, questions, games, multi-media etc.