How to Demonstrate Gratefulness

to God

  • List the ways God benefits you
  • Recall God’s help during crisis
  • Learn and praise the names of God
  • Choose to thank God when not thankful

to Parents

  • Honour your parents’ sacrifices
  • Cherish what your parents taught
  • Sit with your parents in public
  • Choose to dress for your parents
  • Redirect praise to your parents
  • Celebrate parents’ special days
  • Give parents a grateful smile
  • Thank parents for correction
  • Find ways to please parents

to your Instructors

  • Praise them for their dedication
  • Thank their family members
  • Praise their high standards

to your Civil Authorities

  • Trust God to work through them
  • Thank them for their protection
  • Pray for them and their families

to your Employers

  • Be an energy-giver
  • Focus on your work, not the clock
  • Thank your employer for fringe benefits
  • Look for ways to save him money
  • Purpose to make him successful