How to Demonstrate Loyalty

  • Surprising each other with fun outings even during difficult times.
  • Avoiding influences that draw family members’ hearts away from one another.
  • Parents staying involved in their children’s activities even in a crisis.
  • Sons and daughters being willing to give up things that their parents cannot afford to buy rather than make them feel inadequate.
  • Parents reaffirming their commitment to their family with no possibility of divorce.

at Work/School

  • Look for ways to serve and encourage your teachers/employer.
  • Refuse to participate in conversation that seeks to mock your authorities.
  • Be an “energy-giver.”

at Church

  • Purpose to only speak well of church leaders and members to others.
  • Don’t look for a new church the moment a problem arises – seek to resolve those conflicts Biblically.
  • Attend your church services regularly as a family.