How to Demonstrate Resourcefulness

at Home

  • Family members cherishing every moment together, however small, in order to build their relationships.
  • Wisely investing any extra income.
  • Finding creative ways to fix leftovers and foods the family has in abundance.
  • Using free time to enhance learning and creativity.
  • Finishing all the food on the plate before getting dessert.
  • Recycling aluminium, glass, and newspapers.
  • Giving away or selling those things which we do not use.
  • Shopping for bargains.
  • Being willing to wear already used clothes.
  • Training the family to be energy-givers rather than energy-takers.

at Work/School

  • Looking for ways to save your employer time and money.
  • Using minutes which would normally be wasted to do something of value i.e. use the time when we are waiting on someone to meditate on Scripture, or pray for someone in need.

at Church

  • Getting wise counsel from others.
  • Using accountability to others to enable us to gain victory over sin.
  • Regularly attending prayer meeting.
  • Being available to the church leadership to be used wherever there is a need.