How to Demonstrate Sensitivity

at Home

  • Realising that a family member’s irritating behaviour may be a sign of an unmet need for love.
  • Notice when a family member needs a word of praise instead of another problem to fix.
  • A parent being alert to attitudes of hurt, guilt, and disloyalty in the children.
  • Parents realising that the seeds of a wounded spirit in a child can grow up into a crop of rebellion.
  • Being aware that rude words deeply hurt one another.
  • Understanding that a successful marriage and family is more important than a successful career.
  • Remembering special days and anniversaries in your family.
  • Avoiding words and actions that could hurt or offend another family member.

at Work/School

  • Offering to help a struggling classmate.
  • If you are an employer, by not demanding that your employees spend an excessive amount of time at work allowing them the freedom to be with their families.
  • Encouraging your employer/teacher by writing a note telling them of ways in which they have benefited your life.
  • Understand the pressures your boss may be experiencing and offer to help serve in any way you can.

at Church

  • Recognising the need to allow the pastor to enjoy his “day-off” with his family.
  • Calling the pastor during office hours if possible so as not to take-away from time with his family.
  • Being aware of people’s limitations and gifts and not asking them to fulfil responsibilities for which they are unprepared.
  • Teaching children to sit quietly in church services to avoid being a distraction.
  • Listening attentively to the sermon and Sunday School lesson.
  • Inviting individuals and families that seem to be on the fringe to your home for a meal.
  • Sending a special card to someone you know is hurting and letting them know that you’re praying for them.