How to Demonstrate Tolerance

at Home

  • Focusing on family members’ strengths instead of their weaknesses.
  • A parent realizing that each child will grow and develop good character at different levels of enthusiasm and maturity.
  • Parents not showing favoritism to certain children.
  • Sons and daughters accepting that parents are still growing in character and are not perfect.
  • Family members being patient with each other.

at Work/School

  • Show kindness and acceptance to all – not just those you are comfortable with.
  • Be careful to understand the difference between rejecting the “sin” and not rejecting the “sinner.”

at Church

  • Refrain from telling others about what you disagree with in the pastor’s sermons – welcome those disagreements as motivations to search the Scriptures.
  • Make a point of inviting a different church family or individual to your home each month for a meal.
  • Look out for visitors and be the first to greet and welcome them to your church.
  • Pray with someone new each week in prayer meeting.