Overcoming the World

I believe that a great many Christians are overcome because they don’t know what a terrible fight we have. Now, it is no sign because a man is a Christian that he is going to overcome the world, unless he resists temptation when it comes. Do not let any man think that all he has to do is to join the church. That will not save you. The question is, Are you overcoming the world, or is the world overcoming you? Are you more loving than you were five years ago? Are you more patient than you were five years ago? Are you more amiable? Have you more patience? If you haven’t, the world is overcoming you, even if you are a church member.

That epistle which Paul wrote to Titus says we are to be sound in patience, faith and charity. We have got Christians — a good many of them — who are good in spots, but mighty poor in other spots.