Personal Evaluation – How flexible are you?

  • When plans are changed, do you get discouraged, or do you immediately look for reasons why the new plans are better?
  • Do you quickly adjust to a change of direction, or does it require time for you to mentally or emotionally adjust?
  • When you learn that you must move, does it cause anxiety in you, or do you rejoice in it as a further reminder that you are a stranger and a pilgrim?
  • Do your parents or employers have to explain instructions twice, or do you understand what they mean the first time?
  • When God calls you to a ministry or work, do you resist and make yourself busy with other activities?
  • When others suggest a better way to do something, do you try it or do you keep doing it the way you had been doing it?
  • Do you misuse flexibility by having no daily plans or life goals?
  • Is your life so encumbered with possessions and debt that it would be impractical or impossible to exercise flexibility at the leading of the Lord?
  • Are the thoughts of your heart in harmony with the will of God so that changes are easy transitions?

– taken from The Power for True Success – How to Build Character in Your Life