Prayer Targets – A Little Known Resource for Victory over Temptation

If Satan has a stronghold in your life, particularly in the moral area, and you are overcome time and time again by this particular sin, the following plan of action using designated prayer targets can help bring victory.

The first step is to assign temptations to specific prayer targets. Think of three individuals you know. Think of someone you know who isn’t a Christian, but if they were to trust in Christ as Saviour they would make a great impact for the kingdom of God. Next, think of someone you know who is a backslider or carnal Christian but who could be tremendously used of God if they would only repent of the sin in their lives. Third, think of a Christian leader – someone on the front lines of spiritual conflict such as a pastor or missionary. Assign these individuals to specific temptations which you regularly face.

For example, if Satan tempts you with impure thoughts, assign that temptation to your non-Christian friend and start praying for his salvation. If Satan tempts you to be angry, start praying for the Christian you know who is a backslider – pray the God would convict him and that he would repent of his sin. If Satan tempts you to be fearful, start praying for your pastor and pray that God would strengthen him and equip him for the conflict.

Begin to take the offensive whenever you are tempted. When Satan tempts you in a certain area, take the initiative by praying offensively for a predetermined prayer target. The next time you are tempted by a particular sin, that will be your queue to start praying for these individuals using prayer as an offensive weapon against the kingdom of darkness. Now whenever you make this a consistent regular practice, two things will happen: 1. You will see answers to your prayers 2. You will experience less trouble with temptation in that particular area because Satan is not going to tempt you in that area if he knows that the temptation will be met with an immediate offensive attack upon his kingdom of darkness.