Projects on Humility

(1) Identify the greatest hindrance to humility in your life and share this in a family discussion

(2) The true test of character comes in knowing how to respond properly to praise. Create different circumstances in which your children acknowledge a person’s praise with a “thank you” and then deflect the praise back to God and others who are actually responsible for their success. Every person who accepts praise demonstrates pride, but those who sincerely deflect praise demonstrate proper humility and gratefulness.

An example of deflecting praise: Praise: You are a wonderful Christian

Possible responses:

  • Anything commendable you see in my life is an evidence of the faithfulness of the Lord Jesus Christ
  • I am grateful for some very patient parents and teachers who have invested in my life. They deserve the credit for any good qualities you see in me.

(3) Design right responses to compliments.

(4) Examine your life for demonstrations of humility:

  • Do you welcome criticism or secretly resent the one who gives it?
  • Are you inwardly grieved or pleased when you learn that another Christian has failed?
  • Are you unwilling to have others help you with a project because you do not want to share praise with them?

(5) Choose a major revival in history and study the background and effects of it. What experience brought about the brokenness which God used in each life?

(6) List various achievements in your life; trace them back to whomever the credit actually belongs. Design an expression of gratitude for those people.