Ten Unchangeables (Craft)

Each of us has things in our lives which cannot be changed. It is important that we not only learn to accept these “unchangeables” in others but also in ourselves. Help the children accept the following unchangeables in themselves and others.

1. I am “One of a Kind”–The children should understand that they are special and no one else in the world is just like them.

2. My Birth Parents–No one can change who their birth parents are, even if not living with them.

3. My Brothers and Sisters–Just like birth parents, brothers and sisters by birth are something that cannot be changed.

4. Race–Each person has a particular race.

5. Mental Capacity–Each person is naturally more or less gifted at academics, sports, or mechanical skills.

6. Time in History–Each person is born on a certain day, in a certain year. We cannot change how old we are.

7. Gender–Each person is born as a boy or girl.

8. Order in My Family–Each person has a place in the order of siblings, either firstborn or perhaps the fourth among brothers and sisters.

9. Aging–Each person has physical changes that will naturally occur as he or she gets older.

10. Death–At some point, each of us will die.

In order to remember the ten unchangeables, give each child ten colored strips of paper and have them write one of the unchangeables on each strip. Then link the strips together to form a paper chain. Encourage the children to use the paper chains to remember the importance of accepting these things as part of their lives and making the best use of all of them.

Character First! Education Series 2