The Ladies’ Question

Six young ladies linger a while after church and ask each other, “What can we do?” They decided to meet that afternoon for a little prayer meeting. There a beautiful idea was born.

The next day they went to their pastor and asked if they could have printed some calling cards with a picture of the church on them and an invitation to come and worship with them. Then they went out two and two, ringing all the doorbells in the community.

At a rooming house near the church, a man read the card and listened to their little speech, shook his head and answered, “You don’t want me, I’m a vaudeville actor. No Baptist church would welcome me.” After being assured he would be welcome, he finally promised to attend one time, just to prove that they were mistaken. He did attend, again and again and again. He finally gave his heart to Jesus and joined old Walnut Street Baptist Church in Louisville, Kentucky. Later he became pastor of a church in Boston, and it was through his ministry that Russell Conwell felt the call to preach. Conwell has led thousands to Christ and inspired other thousands to a closer walk with God.

-Encyclopedia of 7,700 Illustrations