True Security

safeWe have a tendency to build and structure our lives around certain people, possessions or positions. The trouble with doing this is the devastation that is caused when they are lost or taken away from us.

An accident or illness can suddenly claim the lives of those we love the most.

Recent banking and Stock Market scandals prove that even respected, financial institutions cannot guarantee absolute security of our money. Hurricanes, floods and other natural disasters can leave us homeless and vulnerable.

And in our fast changing world, job security is a thing of the past. Record unemployment has affected individuals and families on a global scale.

None of these things can provide us with the security we so desperately seek. God can take away from us every person, every position, and every possession; and if we are structuring our lives around any of these, we will be absolutely devastated.

True security is only possible as we build our lives around that which can never be taken away from us – the Lord Jesus Christ. We can loose every possession, every person, and every position; but if we are building our lives around the person of the Lord Jesus Christ and the eternal principles of His Word, we have the assurance that He is using each and every circumstance for our ultimate good and His ultimate glory.

Who or what are you building your life around? Don’t hold so tightly to those things which are temporal and which can be gone tomorrow. Build your life around the Person of the Lord Jesus Christ and around the eternal principles of His Word. We can loose everything else, but He can never be taken away from us. That is absolute, total security.

Morris Hull
Home Life Ministries