Enthusiasm in History

Theodore Roosevelt was known by his enthusiastic smile. As a child he enthusiastically exercised to overcome his illness. When he started exercising he could barely do one push-up. He never gave up. He kept trying until he was able to run and play outside. He worked and exercised with his whole heart. These times not only strengthened his physical body, but also his character. Theodore Roosevelt went on to be an adult and leader of American troops that fought the Spanish on the island of Cuba. He realized his task would not be easy. He was not afraid to lead even in the face of insurmountable odds. He led his volunteer troops to Kettle Hill. The men felt encouraged as they followed their bold and courageous leader. Theodore’s example gave energy and strength to the tired soldiers. In the face of danger his smile from ear to ear gave them hope that they might possibly see victory. Theodore and his men continued to pursue the Spanish until they captured not only Kettle Hill, but also another hill as they continued to pursue the retreating enemy. The Americans won the war against the Spanish and the men were able to return to their homes. Theodore became famous for bravery as “Lieutenant Colonel of the Rough Riders”. He was not famous because he won but because he did not quit. He continued in the face of all the odds. He led people to victory because he was a winner himself.

The Character Council of Greater Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky