Enthusiasm in Nature

Imagine yourself floating on an inner tube off Shell Island. All of a sudden the water around you begins to stir…you feel something beneath you. Just a few feet away, the water explodes as a 50-foot long, 50-ton humpback whale soars up into the air! When a whale makes a splash, they make a big splash! Scientist can’t tell us why whales like to do this. This action is called “breaching”. When this happens, it can be heart stopping to watch. Humpback whales have a huge fin at the end of their tail that allows them to go very fast through the water. At about 20 miles per hour, the whale flips up its tail, which sends the whale’s body straight up through the water’s surface. While in the air, they lean backwards and crash into the water with a big splash. Not only does the humpback whale make big splashes, it also makes big bubbles. They catch their food by making a net using bubbles. Taking a deep breath they dive deep into the water and blow a steady stream of bubbles trapping the fish. Whales catch and eat over 1,000 pounds of food at every meal! Whales not only make a big splash and big bubbles they also sing a big song. The humpback whale shows enthusiasm. But enthusiasm is not always doing things big. Enthusiasm is doing the right thing, the right way, with the right heart, at the right time.We can learn from nature through the example of the whale. Do what you can, the best you can, in God’s strength.

The Character Council of Greater Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky