His Eye for Sale

He had two good eyes. Never had either of them given him any trouble. But he could see with one. He had tried it, and although his vision was limited to some extent, he could still get around.

Why not offer one of his good eyes to the hospital in the south? They would pay him good money, and he could-well, what could he do with the money? Buy himself a car? Get a new house? Make sure that he lived well for months to come?

No, he wanted to give the money to repair the church building in which he and a handful of his fellow Christians met from Sunday to Sunday. It was badly in need of some repairs. When it rained, the people inside were soaked. When it was cold, they were exposed to the bitter wind.

That’s it! He would sell one of his eyes and give the money to the Lord. That would mean, of course, that he would be permanently disabled and disfigured; but he loved his Lord, and he wanted to do something for Him and for His people.

Arriving at the hospital, he offered his eye for sale; but the hospital authorities would not hear of such a thing. They immediately discouraged him and sent him back home, telling him that the members of his church should save in order to repair their church buildings. He should not have to sell his eye for that.

After this demonstration of love and sacrifice the members of his church did rally around, and although they were poor, desperately poor, repairs were duly made to the building.

Repairs were made, but it took one man to provide the incentive-one man with an eye for sale.

-The Prairie Overcomer