Taking The Initiative To Heal: Winning A Friend

It happened when I was a very young Christian, and while it might not seem to have large proportions to some, it was the first large trial which confronted me, and it seemed to be of the utmost importance.

Wesley had been my friend for a year or two, and then suddenly, for no apparent reason, he avoided me, and even refused to speak to me. To make matters worse, he was transferred to a night position, and I remained on a daytime job. I had no opportunity to see him, and yet I was aware that something should be done about it.

One evening the man with whom I worked asked me if I would return and work until midnight. This I did, and I discovered that Wesley’s position required him to come to work that night in the same building. He was employed on the second floor and I on the first.

Some time during the night I was required to go to the third floor for some information. It was necessary to pass close to Wesley’s desk. He did not even look at me when I went by. I wanted to speak to him, but I didn’t have the courage.

No one was at work on the third floor. I remember kneeling by a chair in that quiet office building, and there I prayed earnestly that God would help me to go to Wesley. God came and helped.

Going down to the second floor, I walked up to Wesley’s desk, and putting out my hand I said, “Wesley, I am a Christian, and I want to be your friend.”

I shall never forget the look that came into his face. To say that he was surprised is putting it mildly. His face turned red. He stuttered and stammered, and then he extended his hand to grip my outstretched one.

“Cliff, I want to be your friend, too,” said he. “This is the first time that anyone has ever done anything like this to me. I have been jealous of you, but I’m not now.”

Can you see the picture? Just two young men with clasped hands in the midst of a gigantic steel plant. But it was more than that! It was a picture of what Christ can do for a life He has entered. It is a painting of one “going the other mile.” It is a picture of the renewing of a worthwhile friendship.

I left Wesley that night with a happy heart. That incident did something for him, but it did much for me. We became friends, but I became a more established Christian.

I have had to do similar things for the past twenty-nine years. But the same God who met me on my knees at a chair on the third floor of the Physical Testing Laboratory that night has met me many times since, and has always given me grace enough to meet comparable life situations.

It is the intention of Satan to create breaches that cannot be bridged between friends. Friendships are ruined and homes broken up in this manner. But if we remember that “our brother has aught against us,” and if we will go to him, God will help us win those who might be eternally lost to us.

Do you face a similar life situation? Take the initiative and do something about it today.

-C.B. Strang – Meeting Life Situations