How to Demonstrate Initiative

at Home

  • Praise younger brothers and sisters for even the smallest display of character.
  • Look for ways to help your parents around the house without being asked.
  • If you break or damage something, don’t hide or cover it up, but quickly admit your wrong.
  • Encourage your brothers and sisters to pray together for your parents each day.
  • Memorise Scripture verses together with younger brothers and sisters and give them appropriate rewards.
  • Teach younger brothers and sisters how to present the Gospel.
  • Teach children how to initiate conversation with guests in your home and making them feel welcome.
  • Don’t go to bed angry.
  • If you have the opportunity to baby-sit for friends, play games rather than watching videos, look for dishes to wash and other ways to demonstrate initiative.

at Work/School

  • Make sure assignments are completed on time.
  • Look for ways to invest in the lives of others.
  • Pray for opportunities to present the Gospel.
  • Look for ways to praise classmates/workmates.
  • Offer to help classmates who are struggling with a particular subject.

at Church

  • Introduce yourself to visitors and help make them feel welcome.
  • If a job needs done, check with the pastor and offer your help.
  • Volunteer to clean the church or take care of the church grounds as a family.
  • Take the initiative to pick up paper trash or return hymn books to their proper place.
  • Give your pastor the freedom to call upon you if a job needs to be done.
  • Deal with known weaknesses and sins.