How to Demonstrate Virtue

at Home

  • Choose to pray with your younger brothers and sisters and challenge them to do what is right.
  • Dress modestly at all times.
  • Guard against destructive television programmes, videos and music.
  • Take the initiative to be kind and sensitive to other members of the family.

at Work/School

  • Purpose ahead of time that you will stand alone for what is right and refuse to compromise.
  • Modesty and neatness are always in fashion – refuse to wear clothes that defraud.
  • Commit yourself to the principles of courtship verses dating.
  • If an activity is doubtful – don’t do it!

at Church

  • Refuse to listen to and participate in gossip about other church members.
  • Be prepared to stand alone even among other Christians who might mock your standards.
  • Peer pressure can be positive – be a leader among your peers and encourage them to do what is right.