The “I Wills” of Virtue

Demonstrating virtue centers around the choices we make and the actions that follow. Virtue is the culmination of many different character qualities. The five “I Wills” are vital to the success and well-being of every individual. Because doing what is right may not be the popular thing to do and often attracts criticism, being virtuous can involve tough decisions. Praise is one way to encourage and strengthen those who receive criticism. To demonstrate virtue, children need the assurance and confidence that they are truly doing what is right.

  • I will do what is right and encourage others to do the same
  • I will guard my eyes, ears, words, and thoughts
  • I will learn to stand alone
  • I will abstain from anything which might damage or pollute my mind or body
  • I will treat others as I would want them to treat me

Character First! Education Series 1